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Wrongly Fined Motorists in Victoria

The police are currently investigating 24 mobile speed camera sites that may have been erroneously fining thousands of Victorian motorists for years.

The police was provided by Speed camera watchdog Gordon Lewis with a list of suspected sites, most of which were located on downhill stretches. The list followed Lewis’s appeal made through the Herald Sun for motorists to dob in dodgy speed camera sites.

This appeal was given after Lewis exposed a shonky mobile camera site located at Warrigal Rd, Surrey Hills, which was wrongly set up over the brow of a hill to snap motorists going down a steep slope.

It appeared that speeding fines coming from the site had been invalidated after discovering that the speed camera operator was not following guidelines issued by the Victoria Police which forbid cameras to be set up on a downhill slope unless the site has been pointed out as a significant speed-related collision record.

Lewis added that he could not identify the 24 camera sites until after police confirmed that they breached the guidelines. However, Herald Sun discovered one site questionably placed in Humphries Rd, Frankston South.

Resident near the area identified as Jo Lane, a nurse, age 47, affirmed that mobile speed cameras were regularly located on Humphries Rd between Bareena Drive and Darvell Lane.

Ms Lane believed that the location is unfair as the slope there makes it easy for vehicles to go just over the limit. This area was not prone to a lot of speeding and it is not identified as an accident blackspot. Putting mobile cameras seemed to smacks of revenue for the state coffers.

Catherine Allen who is Victoria Police spokeswoman defended the setting up of mobile speed cameras in Humphries Rd, despite it being at the bottom of a hill, it had been identified by the police to be a speed-related problem site.

Records showed that since August of 2002, only seven people were caught exceeding legal speed limit in Humphries Rd by more than 25km/h; and of the 1757 motorists apprehended  in the area for the past 10 years, only 1336 were caught doing less than 10km/h over the 60km/h limit.

Lewis is sending his  plea to Herald Sun readers to dob in dodgy speed camera sites and it has been receiving large number of responses.

The complaints were predominantly directed the existing road safety camera which showed vehicles on downhill gradients, within 300m of the bottom of a hill, or on a bend, he said.

He added that the Victoria Police guidelines provided for circumstances wherein  a regional traffic inspector can be authorized to set up a mobile safety camera on a downhill gradient, although this is not the norm.

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Source: Herald Sun Com

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