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Bus drivers need to put safety first

School bus drivers have violated time and again the rule on speeding but according to traffic records, they also violated some importance rules which is great rick to the safety of school children. They disregard the rules for letting children depart from bus.

The procedure for safety is as follows: when a school bus stops on the right side of road for children to depart, do not forget to put out the “stop” sign. The school bus is not supposed to depart unless all children are safely on the other side of the road. Many bus drivers leave as soon as the children have descended from the bus. Once the bus turns off the “stop” sign and leaves, children are left on their own to cross the street.

Since all the children do not live on the right side of the road; they have to battle traffic to get across the street. This is no way to keep the children safe. There must be measures introduced so thee school kids can reach their homes safely.

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