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Report: Speed Camera Ticket Accuracy Comes Under Scrutiny

Baltimore Sun  published a report that a state delegate proposed that speeding tickets be dismissed in instances where it is not clear that the motorist committing a violation.

The pointed out this relevant issue of Howard County’s speed camera where citizens receiving a ticket cannot clearly verify the camera’s accuracy on the basis of provided photographs provided.

According to the newspaper, due to the fact that each photograph of Howard County’ speed cameras is taken round the times, it was difficult for motorists who received tickets to determine accurately the camera’s radar gun just by considering the distance their vehicle was going between photographs.

In Baltimore County, A state delegate of the Baltimore County is now calling for a state audit and the possibility of rebooting Maryland/s speed camera program.

Delegate Jon Cardin proposed that judges invalidate those tickets when they are not clear on drivers’ speeding. He would have strongly stated that he would include as part of his bill the proposal that the state would freeze all speed camera programs used by the state, Baltimore City, Baltimore, Howard and Montgomery counties.

The citations of Baltimore City provide time stamps to the thousandth of a second on every two photos issued in the citations. Those time stamps allowed math calculation to assist in determining speed, as contained in the paper’s report.

A legislation passed by the allowed the implementation of speed cameras in highway construction and school zones.

The Sun was informed by a spokesperson for the Howard County Police Department that photographs are being used to determine that the vehicle is moving, not really to show that the was speeding, and the speed is according the legal limits.

Two manned speed camera vans are presently used by the Howard County and they are assigned in areas throughout the county specifically in schools and working zones.

County’s police website gave the information that laser technology is used by camera to mark vehicles during certain periods of time.

According to Judge Steven A. Glazer, the cameras do not provide the distance used to determine the speed of the car traveling. Had this distance been provided with time stamps down to the tenth of a second, a motorist could easily use a math equation to determine their speed. This was the comment given by the good judge in his lengthy article written this year about speed cameras in Maryland and Washington, DC.

Judge Glazer noted the problem of photos which do not indicate times down to at least the tenth of a second: He said that without stating precisely the moment when each photograph was taken, it was not possible to ascertain the speed a vehicle was going between the takings of the two photographs.

Glazer, who is administrative law judge in the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, further gave the examples from Washington DC’s speed tickets that not only provided detailed time information, but also include measured markings along the road where speed cameras are set up. Bu using these markings, motorists can easily estimate how fast their vehicle was traveling.

Due to this Glazer exclusion in Maryland’s speed tickets, a district court judge would be having insufficient evidence to determine just how fast a car was really going based on photographs unless detailed time and distance information are also included.

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Source: Ellicott City Patch Com

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