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Best to get an attorney if you wish to fight the citation

Philadelphia ticket procedure


If you have been issued with a traffic violation ticket in Philadelphia, Penn., then you have various ways of responding to it. Note that if you have received a parking ticket, then you need to pay your fine or contest the ticket at a separate authority. This is the Philadelphia Parking Authority. You can access their website and pay the fine online or send a check or money order by mail or go in person to the Parking Violations Branch at 918 Filbert Street.


Three ways to respond to a Philadelphia traffic ticket


All other tickets issued for non criminal traffic violations are handled by the Philadelphia Court system and again there are various ways of responding: online, by mail and in person.


Note that a response is required or a fine should be paid within a specified time limit. If there is no response or fine payment within this period, then you face further penalties. These will include suspension of your driver’s license, and extra fees incurred for non payment or no response.


If you wish to contest the ticket, then you have the same period in which to make an application to do so. If you feel strongly that the charge is groundless or in some way not warranted, then it makes sense to hire a traffic ticket attorney to help you challenge the charge in court. If you feel you do not have enough time to prepare yourself, you may be able to extend the court hearing.

The online system is available through Philadelphia’s First Judicial Court website and is relatively straightforward.

You are initially given three options:

  • accept a guilty plea and pay affine
  • accept a guilty plea and request an extended payment plan
  • contest the charge and request a court hearing

Note that if you opt for pleading guilty to the charge, the charge will be recorded on your driver’s license, which will mean that you gain points – the number of points depending on the charge.

If you contest the charge, you may be able to reduce the penalty or get the charge dropped altogether or you may find that you are unable to convince the court that you are not guilty.

Opting for the court hearing also means that it will cost you for the court appearance, plus the lawyer’s fees and you may end up paying the fine anyway, so make sure you only do this if you are sure of your situation.

The online system is a simple step by step process

If you opt to pay online, then the procedure is a simple step by step procedure in which you first enter your agreement with the charge being laid against you, your full name, citation number (usually printed on the ticket) and your payment details. You can use MasterCard or Visa to pay online.

If you wish to opt for the installment package, then again there are various options available. You select the one which suits you best and again fill in the same details as above. Note that the payment by installments may cost you extra fees if you do not pay your installments on time

A plea of guilty or not guilty, payments and a request for a court hearing can be made by mail and in person as well at  HYPERLINK “http://www.courts.phila.gov/locations.asp” 800 Spring Garden Street.

A traffic attorney however cannot help with injuries and you should call an accident lawyer in Philadelphia for cases in the Pennsylvania area




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