speeding ticket

LA ticket procedure

If you have received a ticket for a traffic violation anywhere in the LA metropolitan area, then you can make use of the online PayTicket system to enter a plea, request an extension or pay for a fine.

The procedure is quite straightforward, but remember that if you want  to contest the ticket at a hearing then you would be wise to contact a traffic violation attorney as soon as you have received the ticket as there will be a time limit before you no longer are available to request a hearing.

The User Agreement

When you access the PayTicket site for the first time, you will be requested to read the User Agreement and click on the “I agree” box before being able to continue. It is wise to read through this section as it gives you details about what the system can and cannot do.

The next step will need you to enter your citation number, which is printed on your ticket. Don’t worry if you haven’t got the citation number as you can also use your driver license number.

If you have the citation number, you will need to enter that as well as your date of birth, the court which has been assigned to deal with your case and the law enforcement agency that gave you your ticket.

If you only have your driving license number, then enter all the same details but include your driving license number in the right place and not the citation number.

In this case, you will then see a list of tickets – or one if that is what you have only been given. Select which ticket you want to plea to.

Whether you entered the citation number or your driving license number you should see a variety of options. These will allow you to make a plea of guilty and pay a fine or plead not guilty and request a court hearing.

They will also allow you to apply for extensions for various things or request to go to driving school.

Payment of fines can be made online by credit card

If you choose to pay for the ticket fine online, then enter all your credit card details and print the payment confirmation information for your own records and make sure you keep it in case of any query in the future.

If you choose to make a not guilty plea then select the option which will request a court hearing.

Extensions to fine payments, hearings and driver school

If at any time you wish to ask for an extension, then you can use the online system to do so. PayTicket allows you to request an extension to pay a fine, attend a court hearing or attend a compulsory driving school course.

You will be notified whether these applications for extension have been approved. Approval is not automatic and the possibility of extension will show up on the screen as an option. If it does not show up, then it is not an option which you can consider.

The maximum allowable time for extensions varies from 30 days for a driving school extension to 90 days for a payment of fine extension or driving school course extension. You may be allowed a maximum of 60 days for an extension to the date of your court hearing.


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