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Man challenges Supreme Court of Traffic Ticket

This morning, Jonathan Frieman of San Rafael, California received grand congratulations and hearty pat at the back for a job well done. This guy from California made the day for many drivers. He must have felt victorious already for accomplishing a rather clever prank on the wing of the textualists at the Supreme Court.

Frieman’s plan was both easy and noteworthy. This Californian guy just drove around for sometime along carpool lanes alone in his car until the police halted his vehicle and the reason was simple. He was alone with no one sharing a car ride. California’s carpool law is not rigidly followed as Frieman has been travelling alone for 10 years and this was first time he was ticketed for this violation.

Frieman was finally made to stop and he gave the officer a certificate of incorporation. According to the Supreme Court, this piece of paper stands for the presence of two other people in the car. The officer disregarding the certificate still gave him the traffic ticket worth $481 ticket. So Frieman will soon have a day in court to argue his case.

From the start, Frieman has been opposing the legal treatment of corporations as persons. This carpool prank is especially important to the 2010 Citizens United decision which is now in the Supreme Court. In dealing with the case, the SC considered corporations possessing the same legal right to speech as humans; therefore the law allows corporation-people like hybrid-monsters to spend as much money as they want to influence elections.

For those who remembered the five justices who signed and made this proposal a law, they are the same ones who are always accusing more liberal colleagues of playing the meaning of words in order to suit their individual personal aggrandizement. For example, in Citizens United, the liberalists played around with the meaning of the word “person” and gave its meaning as “person”; they also found that the word”speech” means “speech.”  However, textualists, simply adopted the simple meaning of these words and decided that the meaning of   ”person” also includes “corporations” and “speech” is considered the same thing as “money.” As a result, by limiting the amount of cash for example, an oil company can spend thousands of dollars to influence an election which is tantamount to the violation of the 1st Amendment that punishes an actual human being for writing a disagreeable blog post.

Well everything and everyone will be fine in the SC if they will slip be Wells Fargo some roofies many  can get themselves with babies to collect some serious child support.

In the long run, if the arresting officer actually attend the traffic court today, the judge will be at a delimma to: (a.) rule that obviously a corporation cannot be considered as person so using the articles of incorporation is no counted as additional passenger; or (b) stand by the Supreme Court’s was of defining a corporation as a person and therefore give out a totally absurd decision maintaining that people can just seat their corporate documents into the front seat of their vehicle in order to ride in the carpool lane.  Either way, a comical situation arises and more legal-minded citizens would demand an appeal to quash this practice.

Jonathan Frieman of San Rafael, Calif., is the last man standing to challenge giving personhood statutes for corporation and his chance getting inside the court came from the car pool lane – the least expected place. He intentionally had himself ticketed to make Supreme Court realize the arbitrariness of this rule.  When he was ticketed for driving by himself in the carpool lane, this California guy had gain his way to the SC. Frieman is questioning the ticket and his argument will so this way. He had corporate papers in his car, and since corporations are considered asa people, they are his passengers.  In California, Corporations are entities existing in peoples’ imagination and they have made their day. They original intent of the nation 200 years ago was to serve human beings. So he is going to bring back that power by making using corporation personhood to serve his purpose.  However, reporters pointed out that he could still be pulled over to stop for not wearing a seatbelt.

Of course, part of being a responsible driver and deserving to own a driver’s license is your duty: to appear in court as required if you receive a traffic ticket and need to pay the fine.

If you have received a traffic ticket, please contact an experienced speeding ticket lawyers. Protect your right to drive legally

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