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Physicist claims victory over traffic ticket

By using his knowledge of measuring bodies in motion, a physicist from the University of California San Diego showed in court the reason why he is not violating a traffic rule when he failed to halt on a stop sign. His justification is contained in a four-page paper proving that angular motion is different from linear motion. His arguments supposedly freed the physicist from a fine of a $400 ticket. For those motorists who are planning to use this excuse, they will need a bit of knowledge in math plus the ability to persuade.

A paper, entitled The Proof of Innocence was authored by physicist, Dmitri Krioukov. In his abstract, he stated that this is a way to fight traffic tickets, and he felt that it was awarded a special prize of $400 as he did not have to pay the amount to the state of California. According to Krioukov, he was driving hisToyota Yaris and was near a stop sign when a police officer saw him roll through the intersection, apparently failing to stop. The police asked him to pull over. He was aware that the case is closed unless he could show a proof that he really did stop.

The officer was watching the stop sign and noticed Krioukov’s car from his sideview; he must have conjectured that Krioukov was traveling fast before the stop. Krioukov contended he had stopped as soon as he saw the stop sign; however, the officer’s view was briefly blocked by a passing car. When Krioukov started his car again, the officer’s surmised that due to his speed, the car never stopped at all.

Krioukov revealed to the PhysicsCentral that the case he presented in court and his argument were real; although in his paper, he left a little defect in his work for others to find out for themselves. It was easy for others to find the Yaris-based defect quickly. It is in the hands of physic experts to make an explanation that makes people start doubting whether a problem really exists.

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