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100’s of Elmwood speeding tickets tossed

Elmwood Place – Mike Allen, the lawyer hired to represent more than 300 people who were fighting the citations that carry a $105 fine announced that hundreds of speeding tickets, generated by a controversial unmanned camera, have been thrown out because of a “computer glitch”.

Allen said Tuesday he has been critical about speed tickets generated from cameras but this is a case that he fully approved.

According to Allen, last Saturday, Magistrate Mas Ionna dismissed citations for ticket holders who showed up to Mayor’s Court. They had no case as records were nil. Allen stated that he was not able to get a complete explanation for this move as no associate to the court supplied him additional details about the issue. Likewise, the Village Police Chief William Peskin gave no answer to the messages he left on his cell phone and email Tuesday evening.

As in other roads in the United States, the police department has set up four cameras capturing images of speeders in places where the speed limits are from 20 mph and 25 mph. As the camera noticed a violator, an officer then verifies the violation, and the motorist is sent a ticket in the mail. All information about the violation is picked up by the camera.

In a recent village council meeting, people jam packed the hall. All had common complaints:  they are questioning why they are getting tickets for exceeding the speed limits by a few miles per hour. According to Peskin, tickets are not supposed to be issued unless drivers exceed the limits by 8 mph in the 25-mph zone and by 6 mph in the 20-mph zone.

Probably, an error in the machine was the reason why more than 100 speed tickets were invalidated.

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