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Michael Madsen hit with two DUI charges

Michael Madsen, American actor, poet and photographer, is another celebrity making the news for being charged with two counts of driving under the influence (DUI) due to his arrest in September (12).

Madsen was reportedly seen driving erratically on the Pacific Coast Highway so the Kill Bill star’s vehicle was pulled over by cops in Malibu, California.

Cops arrested him on suspicion of DUI after a BAC test allegedly showed that his blood alcohol content was double the legal limit.

Madsen’s lawyer claimed that the test had been “flawed”; however, Los Angeles City Attorney filed two misdemeanor charges against the actor last Wednesday (05Dec12).

According to reports, he has one charge for driving under the influence and the second charge was for driving with a blood alcohol count of .08 or higher. His case will be presented in court later this month.

News regarding Hollywood celebrities caught DUI is getting to be a common item in newspapers; and unfortunately, they are committed by movie stars who are idolized by the young and not so young. And what many observed was that they very rarely seem to result in jail time, especially for the very top name celebs.

Here is a partial latest list of celebs who have been charged with DUI, not once but several timers: Paris Hilton (one of the very few who served 23 days jail time); Lindsay Lohan ( she stayed in jail for 84 minutes);  Heather Locklear ( who has not been formally charged); Khloe Kardashian (she stayed 173 minutes in jail);  Nicole Richie (she spent 82 minutes in jail); Kiefer Sutherland ( he spent 30 days in jail); Taylor Dayne (received probation); and  Lane Garrison  (serving a 40-month prison as he also caused death while driving DUI).

Average Americans who are charged with drunk driving in Los Angeles are giving the option to get alternative  sentencing such as electronic monitoring, rehab, work release, and / or educational classes for first offense DUI’s.  However, a DUI is a criminal charge, and will remain on your record.

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