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Physicist claims victory with physics papers

Getting out of a tight situation, like a traffic ticket, requires creativity. Take the case of a University of California San Diego physicist, who utilized his knowledge of math to escape a traffic mess. By measuring moving bodies, he proved to the court why he does not warrant a ticket for his failure to halt at a stop sign. His four-page paper showed that there is a difference between angular and linear motion. The physicist cleverly used this point to get out of a $400 ticket. Of course, this excuse is only possible, if you have a little knowledge of math and the charisma to persuade people.

Dmitri Krioukov wrote a paper entitled, The Proof of Innocence, where he placed in his abstract that it was his a way to fight traffic tickets and he felt that he was awarded a special prize of $400 for the author did not have to pay to the state of California.

Krioukov related that he was driving his Toyota Yaris approaching a stop sign. A police officer noted that he did not halt so he was signaled to pull over. Krioukov knew that he will be facing the charges unless he could show a series of events that he really did stop.

Krioukov’s car was observed from the side view by an officer; he must have developed the idea that Krioukov was speeding before he halted. At the stop sign itself, Krioukov argued that he had stopped but the officer was not able to see as his view was briefly blocked by another car. Krioukov restarted his vehicle but the officer concluded that because of Krioukov’s speed, he had never stopped at all.

PhysicsCentral was told by Krioukov that the case and his argument were perfect; however, he left a bit of imperfection in his work for others to discover. And he was right as a few started to comment that the Yaris-based arguments have defect. The ball is now on the said of the physicists to create a clear account that makes people doubt if there was really a problem or not.

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