speeding ticket


1. East/West Bound 180 prior to the Highway
2. Palm Ave; south of Sierra Avenue to Shaw Ave.
3. West Shaw: between Golden State and 99
4. Northbound Hwy. 41,Just north of woodward park
5. Highway 180 at Hayes Ave.
6. Southbound Golden State Blvd coming off southbound 99
7. North East Fresno, California
8. W. Shields Ave btwn Hwy 99 and Cornelia Ave
9. Maroa and Shields
10. Bullard anywhere from Palm heading Westbound to Hwy 41
11. Freeway 180 between the 168 exchange and Clovis Ave exit
12. On Browning between Fruit and Palm
13. N. Cecelia Ave. (near W. Bullard Ave./Figarden Loop)
14. NW Ave. between Ashlan Ave. & Shaw Ave.
15. E. Shaw Ave. between N. 1st St. & N. Cedar Ave.

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