speeding ticket


1. San Antonio and Falcon
2. 32nd Street & Orange Avenue (405 North Off Ramp)
3. On Broadway Ave., between Termino and Ximeno
4. magnolia/wardlow
5. North bound Wardlow Rd on bridge over 710
6. South bound exit of 405 freeway at Studebaker offramp
7. Santa Fe Ave between Dominguez St and Carson St
8. Long Beach Blvd South from NB 405 offramp
9. 1st St/ between Pine Ave and Long Beach Blvd.
10. on Atlantic between harding and artesia
11. E Willow St. between Orange Ave. and California Ave.
12. On Loynes between Studebaker and PCH
13. On E. Pacific Coast Hwy. From N. Walnut Ave. to the Traffic Circle
14. 7th Street
15. East Wardlow Road

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