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Bieber given speeding ticket in Los Angeles

A speed ticket is democratic as it does not exempt even the rich and the famous. Justin Bieber was given a speeding ticket by California police yesterday morning.

The 18-year-old superstar claimed he was being chased by reporters and had exceeded the 65mph speed limit to evade their multiple vehicles.

According to California Highway Patrol Officer Ming Hsu, Bieber was stopped at about 10.45am PST yesterday, after the police got calls informing them of a chase taking place on southbound US Highway 101, near Studio City.

According to authorities, a total of ten 911 calls reporting the incident were recorded.

One of the callers and eyewitness to the scene was Los Angeles City councilman Dennis Zine who said that he called authorities after he saw that the singer’s chrome-finish Fisker Karma was being chased by five or six other cars. He claimed that Boyfriend star was driving at speeds above 100mph.

Zine said that Bieber was driving like a maniac as he was weaving in and out of traffic. There was hardly any space between cars as he weaved from lane to lane.

Zine added that Bieber ought to be arrested for reckless driving. The reckless singer was driving like he was in a rocket ship. He appeared like a maniac.

Bieber’s manager said that Zine was just a councilman looking for a headline for having pointed out that the star was cited for speeding at 80mph.

Officers confirmed that after Bieber was stopped, the photographers tried to resume the chase and this time the singer called 911 himself. As a result, California police are investigating the paparazzi for creating a hazardous situation.

Bieber is presently in LA to film another music video for his upcoming single.

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