speeding ticket


  1. McKay Drive, between Lundy and Ringwood
  2. North 11th St between Taylor and Hedding
  3. Old Oakland Road/Brokaw/13th Street
  4. Camden Ave North at Montellano dr
  5. Yerba Buena/ 101
  6. Capital Expressway/Hillsdale Ave & Almaden Expressway
  7. Aborn Road between White and Ruby
  8. Hwy 680 North and South bound
  9. Blossom Hill rd and Poukeepskie
  10. North bound 1600 Oakland Rd approaching Brokaw Rd
  11. Santa Teresa @ Allen Ave
  12. Old Bayshore HW & Zanker Rd.
  13. Lean Ave. at Calero Ave.
  14. Meridian Avenue @ Branham High School
  15. Cropley heading west towards N. Capital Ave.

If you have received a speeding ticket, consult with an experienced traffic lawyer to protect your driving privileges. You have rights! Learn about them with a free consultation.

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