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Careless Driving

Drivers are often issued with careless driving tickets, which cover various driving situations. One common offense is reading when sitting behind the wheel of a vehicle, which is surprisingly quite a common pursuit. It is classified as careless driving and can result in being issued with a careless driving ticket. In the event of an accident, it is often quite hard to find proof unless a law enforcer observes the activity. This sort of behavior while driving is considered to be  dangerous because it is distractive and can increase the likelihood of a driver becoming involved in an auto crash by 300%, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)

Texting while driving is an example of careless driving

One of the main reasons why people read when they are driving is when they are attempting to read text messages. This sort of activity has been well publicized as careless driving and if caught a careless driving ticket will be issued. Receiving and reading texts are considered to be equally dangerous and distractive.

Drivers who decide it is very important to read their text messages are physically losing sight of the road as they are focusing their brain on the content of the message rather than driving their vehicle. As with any form of communication, a received text message does not only distract the driver while in the reading process but also results in an emotive reaction to the message and such a diversion can result in careless driving as one’s full concentration is focused on something more interesting than simply steering the car.

Being needlessly distracted is an example of careless driving

Reading a GPS or another type of map can also cause drivers to drive their cars in a careless manner, especially when the directions emanating from the device don’t quite match roads found on the actual ground. This can cause distractive emotive reactions while the driver is attempting to resolve the situation. If the driver is driving an unfamiliar car or is on holiday or engaged in a business trip a rental car may be driven which heightens the risk of careless driving, especially when trying to reach an unfamiliar destination when reading a map or GPS.

Just the reading of the device to find one’s location is enough to instigate an act of careless driving. Drivers who are unfamiliar with the place they are driving in should only consult a map or a GPS when parked up somewhere so that they can get some time to orientate themselves and fix in their minds a picture of the route and place they are trying to reach. It is far better to get a passenger to guide the driver rather than allow the driver to distractively drive while navigating as there is then less chance of being issued with a careless driving ticket.

Commuters on their way to work often have to deal with traffic queues and many miles of driving and may simply decide to keep occupied by reading the daily newspaper while waiting in a traffic jam. This often delays the traffic, as the driver then has to switch focus from long driving trips with heavy traffic from reading the daily newspaper.

If you are a motorist who has been issued with a careless driving ticket then it is in your best interest to call a lawyer to defend you so that you only get the punishment you deserve and no more.

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