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When people are injured or killed in car or truck accidents caused by drunk drivers, they are very serious incidents and can be life changing for the accident victim. This can create problems if you were the driver of a car that caused an accident and you were driving under the influence (DUI) and a wrongful death took place or a serious injury. You will need to contact a DUI lawyer who understands the complexity of these sorts of claims to make sure that you are not faced with a bill that you do not deserve.

DUI accidents take place in a variety of circumstances including an out –of-control young person, a person in an occupation such as on a ship or in the armed forces who is home on leave or an adult who went out one night and had one too many and got in his car to drive home. Behaving as a DUI is an irresponsible act and is not viewed highly by our states’ legal system and you as a driver if found guilty can be heavily penalized.

How can a DUI attorney help your case?

The goal of an attorney in all DUI cases is to identify any likely sources of insurance recovery that are available and assist clients to receive a compensation payment for all the different types of expenses and other losses, which includes medical expenses, loss of wages, permanent disabilities such as scarring and any other pain and suffering that was a consequence of the accident. There is also the possibility of the victim claiming punitive damages as well which you certainly don’t want as the burden will fall heavily on the shoulders of your insurer.

The evidence surrounding the drunk driving incident has to be analyzed to decide if punitive damages can be pursued, as this can mean substantially more in payment to the victim. You don’t won’t this either and you will need the best defense to ensure that all possible costs to you are kept to a minimum.

A DUI lawyer makes use of all facts that have emerged as a result of the drink driving incident and will use these to ensure you are not over penalized. In a civil lawsuit the DUI personal injury lawyer might be able to use the evidence from a DUI plea by you as the driver as a means of supporting a punitive damages claim. Many states do not allow a verdict of guilty from a criminal court to be used as a way of promoting a punitive damages claim so this is where we can be of particular use to you. However, this does not stop the pursuance of this claim if there is any likelihood of it being successful. If the conviction turns out to be inadmissible, proof can still be sought both by the drug induced behavior of you the driver who has been found to have a blood alcohol which is over the legal level.

Compensation claims may be made against you if you were proven guilty of DUI

Punitive damages are only part of a possible damages claim and there is also a claim for compensation that can be made, simply because the injuries from the car accident were not the fault of the victim and, in this case, a case for compensation is compiled by the lawyer and presented to you the driver who is at at-fault which will mean that you will have to begin a discussion with your insurer who will, in the end, pay the damages bill.

If you were the driver and you were involved in an accident and you have been viewed as negligent driver because of DUI then you will need a DUI lawyer to ensure you are treated fairly when it comes to any penalties imposed on you.


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