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Options and fines of speeding ticket options and fines

Florida statistics showed that in 2003, the state issued more than 4 million traffic citations. However, the entire citations were not only for speeding but other violations like not observing the proper lane change, driving carelessly, running during red lights, and other ordinary traffic infractions.

According to traffic rules, receiver of a traffic citation must satisfy the ticket within a period of thirty (30) calendar days. If the driver’s license is of good standing, he/she has the following options:

1. Attend a traffic school to learn more about driving and traffic rules;

2. Pay the amount of civil penalty based on the amount required ion the citation; or

3. Request a day in court to bring evidence that you should not be given a citation.

If you are the erring driver living in the state of Florida, you can opt to attend a traffic school that will give you several benefits: (a) the best advantage is that of your insurance fee. It will not be raised and the policy will not be cancelled; (b) after giving to the county clerk of court your certificate of the state approved traffic school course, your ticket’s adjudication is withheld which means that you have no guilty record and no demerit is placed on your record; and (c) attending a traffic school will reduce your fine. But you have to consider that there are different requirements according to states.

The Traffic Schools of Florida are all state approved and the good news is that you can take the course online as stated in Florida Statute No. 626.9541(1) (o) 12:

The advantage of taking a course in the Traffic School as an option to your traffic ticket infraction is very important when you consider the fact that insurance company shall not impose or require additional premium. Insurance will not cancel or issue a non renewal notice on any insurance policy due to your traffic infraction.

Another benefit is that no points will be added to the records of your driver’s license. However, this benefit is not applicable to traffic violations involving accidents where the insurer has caused a loss which is the responsibility of the insured.

The amount of the fine will depend upon the county where you receive the citation. If you are caught speeding within a school zone or construction zone, your fine will double. Fines vary so you should verify your fine with clerk of court in the county where you received your traffic ticket.

If you choose to prove that you are not guilty of the infraction, then request a court appearance for the violation(s) and it is now your chance to prove that no infraction has been committed. To be on the safe side, you better have a personal injury lawyer to represent your case. If you prove your point, then you have no obligations and you retain your license. But the Court may adjudicate that you are guilty of the violation, rightfully assess the points, imposition of civil penalty that does not go beyond $500 nut increased to $1000 if it involves death or over-speeding in either school or construction zones or require you to attend traffic school, or sometimes all of the above. Additionally, your insurance rates may be increased or your policy may even be cancelled.

If you have received a traffic ticket, please contact an experienced speeding ticket lawyer. Protect your right to drive legally.

Source: DMV Florida


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