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Former Football Player Gets Speeding Ticket

It was a stiff price to pay when Plaxico Burress gets $1,000 speeding ticket in Broward.  In a football field, speed is the best asset but not now for Plaxico Burress, a former football star who got a ticket for speeding.

On the street of Broward County, the former football star received a speeding ticket which costs $1,000. On Sept. 9, he was issued a citation and accused of going more than 50 mph over the speed limit, as shown in the court.

Actually, it was back in early September when Burress got his ticket but he was able to keep things quiet as he was no longer an NFL player. His date for the ticket in court which he garnered from Broward County, Fla. was early September. Ex-player owns a home in Lighthouse Point.

According to Gossip Columns, Burress was riding his motorcycle and was pulled over for doing, 50 mph over the 55 mph speed limit. He has to shell out $1,000 for the ticket which he said he could cover. The grapevines have passed on messages that Burress owes a lot on back taxes and even has a lien placed on his house last summer. He has also been making desperate pleas to NFI team to give him a comeback.

There is probably no driver who welcomes a speeding ticket. Such citations are annoying to the motorist as it does not only cost money as penalty for the offense but it would also increase the premium insurance for the car which could amount to thousands of dollars over a span of many years after receipt of ticket. They are also accounted as points on one’s license for several years. If you get a ticket, do not feel bad as there are more than 100,000 drivers getting speed ticket every day.

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