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Plaxico Burress Beats 125 MPH Ticket

Former NFL player was ticketed for going over the speed limit; however, the officer cited the incorrect law on the ticket. After handing out the ticket, the officer corrected his mistake.

Plaxico Burress was able to get away from a heavy fine when he beat a 125 mph speeding ticket based on a technicality. Burress was a former NFL player and had a promising career in his hands when he shot himself in the leg in a club in 2008.

Driving his 2012 Ferrari to an impressive 125 mph (70 miles over the speed limit), Burress got the ticket in Broward County, Florida.

The former NFL player pulled over and was ticketed for going over the speed limit but the officer cited the incorrect law on the ticket. Although the officer corrected his mistake but it was only after handing out the ticket.

This mistake was a lucky break for Plaxico, who got over the stiff penalty by having the ticket thrown out on technicality. Officers should be careful next time by making sure that they are citing the correct law and those who receive a ticket must examine closely if there are any incorrect statement the officer stated.

Although Plaxico won his case and had victory over the massive 125 mpg ticket, he still remained unemployed. Many experts believed that the former NFL player is asking too much for his potential contracts.

This is not the first time Plaxico has beaten a speeding ticket, as the former NFL player was cited for a number of charges including speeding in March of 2009. But that ticket was thrown out when his lawyer argued that the officer didn’t provide any information on how to pay the tickets.

If Plaxico continues his lucky streak on the road, someday soon, he will be able to land a hefty contract on the football playing field.

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