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Headlight-flashing warnings

TALLAHASSEE — This is good news for Florida motorists as a new law now legalizes the flashing of headlights to alert oncoming drivers that police are lurking on the roadside. This information came from a lawyer who has been representing; although the practice still has loopholes.

A wide-ranging motor vehicle law has taken effect Tuesday with the New Year that included the provision legalizing such speed trap warnings. Among the other changes are: allowing homeless people to get free state identification cards, creating a pair of new specialty license plates and permitting the state to issue specialty driver licenses & ID cards.

But according to Oviedo attorney J. Marcus Jones, who has helped headlight-blinking motorists get their tickets dismissed, the action of the Legislature does not go far enough, he believes that the action of the Legislature still falls short.

The Florida Highway Patrol already had ordered state troopers to stop issuing tickets for high-beam flashing by the time the law was passed in March. This was the result after being hit with a lawsuit Jones filed by Jones on behalf of Erich Campbell.

The citation given to this St. Petersburg College student from Land O’ Lakes was for violating an existing law that says flashing lights are prohibited on vehicles except for turn signals.

According to the lawsuit, the Highway Patrol misinterpreted that the provision in Florida’s traffic code was only meant to ban drivers from installing strobes or official-looking emergency vehicle lights on their cars and trucks.

The new law is clearing this ambiguity through a provision that specifically allows motorists to flash their headlights at an oncoming vehicle regardless of any reason.

Although, the Pinellas County judge has already dismissed Campbell’s $115 ticket, his lawsuit is still in trouble.

The Tallahassee judge ruled that this issue is already moot and academic because of the new law. Circuit Judge Kevin Carroll was requested by Jones to reconsider the loophols found in the new law.

Jones said that the police still can use other sections of Florida’s traffic code to ticket motorists for flashing their headlights.

Provisions included prohibitions against the use of high beams within a distance of 500 feet of an oncoming vehicle or within 300 feet of a vehicle ahead. Jones said that the new exception for flashing headlights is inapplicable to those parts of the traffic code.

Jones is seeking class-action status and trying to get a refund for an estimated 2,400 motorists who paid fines for flashing their high beams between 2005 and 2010.

Florida has legislated lots of new laws for 2013 which are all beneficial for its citizens.

If you have received a traffic ticket, please contact an experienced speeding ticket lawyers. Protect your right to drive legally.

Source: Naples News Com

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