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Speedy ticket scam threatens woman

AUGUSTA, GA – Going to jail for a speedy ticket was enough threat to convince people just to pay up.

However, would- be victim Sherry Hale kept her senses which prevented her to be another victim of a scam. Hale said that her heart was palpitating so fast when she heard over the phone that a warrant for her arrest was forthcoming for doing twenty miles over the speed limit.

Hale was told that he caller was an officer Fulton County Sheriff’s ofice and if she will not pay the amount of $300 fine right away she would be going to jail. The way the caller spoke was just like the voice of a police officer.

Despite the convincing voice, Hale knew instinctively that something was wrong so she said that she would not pay and will just wait for the police to arrest her.

It was the right instinct as Richmond County Lieutenant Michael McDaniel told her that there is an ongoing speeding ticket scam that are targeting folks in the area.  McDaniel said that traffic tickets are still send to the recipient by post.

He said that the scammers want to get your credit card information. Once they have the number, they will give the number to someone in Jpay.com.

Jpay.com is a website allowing inmates to set up accounts so it gets through to someone who is imprisoned. He said that he had already investigated many cases where credit card information is obtained from ticket scam victims and  funneled through Jpay.com to buy things and even conduct illegal activity.

McDaniel said that if you get a call like Hale do some questioning so he could follow it up. Meanwhile, Hale advised people in her area to beware of scammers.

News 12 called the number from caller id, and as soon as we identified ourselves, the person on the other end hung up.

The Fulton County Sheriff’s Department said that the caller identified himself as a Lieutenant Anthony Johnson. They confirmed that they are now investigating it as a scam.

The Department of Transportation in Georgia is continuing its investigation to solve this phone scam proliferating on the phone and directed to people who have not paid their electronic traffic tickets.  It has become alarming for within these last few weeks, authorities have received reports that the caller threatened the victims with imprisonment if they don’t pay up.

GDOT received a complaint last week from a resident who reported receiving a call from someone who identified himself as a lieutenant with the Department of Transportation.  The caller is demanding for quick payment of speeding fines– but the Department does not collect traffic fines.

In all cases, the caller threatens the victim that he/she will be arrested immediately if the fine is not paid with a either a credit or a debit card. Anthony Rogers was another victim as he got the call last week. He said that the caller identified himself as a Fulton County Sheriff’s Office deputy who told him that if he will not pay his overdue electronic traffic fine of $357.54 over the phone, he will be arrested and sent to jail.

GDOT spokesperson Natalie Dale said that heir department does not collect any fines or fees. They are giving warning that anyone who gets this kind of call must report it to their office immediately.

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