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Traffic tickets to shoulder pay increases is backed up by Atlanta police union

It is a known fact; not only by drivers, but citizens as well that speeding ticket is somehow linked to special advantages for the officer issuing it.

Recently, Atlanta police officers received a memo that has revived such suspicions.

Just this month, Union President Ken Allen of the Atlanta Police wrote that the Mayor has already assigned the traffic court, as well ticket revenue for increases in future pay of the police.

A number of Atlanta citizens jeered at the idea.

One resident in the neighborhood, Ken Miller said that the idea is so prolific that one of these days, he will switch from sales to join the police force if that is the way it is applied.

However, Union President Alan emphasized that stressed while revenue from the speeding tickets will be a source for salary increase; it does not follow that the more tickets they issued, the higher will be the increased. A raise in salary always comes annually, as in other private companies. Now a permanent source of income will guarantee the raise.

He continued that it does not mean that police officers are encouraged to issue more citations so they could get the raise. They are not asking any officer to write any additional tickets than they already have.

According to him, revenues from tickets are all deposited in the general fund. What the mayor means in his suggestion was just to earmark these revenues for future pay raises.

Allen reported that there have been a notable decrease in revenues which is largely due to more citations and tickets being dismissed and the inefficient system found in court. He said that there were many traffic cases dismissed as the issuing officers are not able to attend scheduled court appearance.

He wanted the citizens to understand that the department is an ATM machine as it is not running a stream of ticket revenue for the purpose of giving the police a raise. All that they are trying now is to rectify the inefficiencies in the system and to make all responsible for citations already issued.

Former police officer, Alex Ferrer who serves as current TV judge, said he is considering the possible effects that result from ticket revenues being directly connected to pay increases.

Although, he continued that it appears that when something gets connected to somebody’s financial earnings, they are likely to get motivated as they were not motivated before.

Many officers are aware that traffic stops reaps lots more benefits than just improving road safety and adding to revenue.

Chief Roberto Villaseno of theTucson is requiring his police officers to average at least one traffic stop a day. He said there are many good reasons why they should make traffic stops.

Villasenor said that through traffic stops, they were able to get most of their narcotic arrests. They have lots of warrants that they are now in the process of serving. These beneficial issues attributed to traffic stops that have been proven in many cities. A ticket being issued during the stop is just one most important part of the job.

If you have received a traffic ticket, please contact an experienced speeding ticket lawyers. Protect your right to drive legally.

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