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Traffic ticket amnesty offered

This is good news for the citizens of Houston unpaid tickets as they may be qualified for reduced fines under the 2013 Amnesty Program of Houston City Municipal Court. Court officials announced that the program started last Tuesday and is continued until Feb. 9.

To be given amnesty are delinquent traffic and non-traffic citations that were not settled on or before Oct. 21; tickets within these dates are given discounts. However, cases that were previously adjudicated, including red-light-camera and parking citations, are not included in the discounted program, as clarified by an official.

This is the best option taken by court officials to encourage those who have delinquent court tickets and citations to benefit from the program by resolving their cases at a discounted rate.

Barbara E. Hartle who is Director and Presiding Judge said that now is the right time for those with delinquent matters to present themselves and resolve your court cases, because there is an opportunity for them to save lots of money, even hundreds of dollars in some cases.

Presiding Judge Hurtle said that they are available to answer questions from everyone, just call 311 and they will around to render assistance. They can also visit the program in the website.

There are more information about Houston city’s citations and warrants are available in their website –  www.houstontx.gov/courts or you can contact the helpline of the city at 311, or 713-837-0311 if outside Houston.

The State of California offered the same program last year for those with overdue traffic tickets. Delinquent traffic holders were allowed to settle half the fines and fees if they these debts are paid between January and June of that year. The state stated that in exchange of the amount raised in the amnesty program, they would share the revenue collected with the trial courts and the local governments.

The amnesty program was a success as it collected millions of dollars for the much-needed revenues for the local governments and the state’s trial courts, which collected the funds.

Gov. Jerry Brown signed the amnesty program into a law in October which was able to raise unexpected windfall for several counties. Los Angeles County was able to collect about $6 million; Contra Costa collected $385,337 and Santa Clara County raised more than $175,000.

But in some instances, the cost of collecting the revenue outweighs the benefits. For example, in San Mateo County, the amount collected by the court and county amounted to $31,350; from the amount was deducted $28,740 which was paid for collections services and the contractor’s fee for reprogramming the traffic system online for people to pay their fines. The balance was only $2,610 that was paid to the time the staff spent setting up and tracking the program.

Finance Director Neal Taniguchi of San Mateo County Superior Court stated that in their case, the program was not worth it as they were not able to raise enough money out of it. They even ended up spending more time to make sure people qualified for the program, and also spent considerable amount of time setting up the program.”

However, assistant director of the finance division at the Administrative Office of the Courts,, Margie Borjon-Miller, who administered the program in all 58 counties, said it that generally it was a great help to the courts, the state and local governments to earn revenues that have remained uncollected.

The program did not include parking tickets or citations for DUI or reckless driving.

The program gives motorists who were issued tickets but their settlement long overdue, a God-given opportunity to maintain a clear record.

Part of the money collected will be for the state court system whose budget was cut by millions of dollars over the past several years.

One of those waiting to pay her ticket said she needed a clear driving record of so that she could enlist in the army.

Amnesty programs were offered in California in the years ‘92 and ‘96. This December, the Court’s Administrative Office will be submitting a report to the Legislature on the amount of money this year’s amnesty program has collected and the number of resolved cases.

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Source: Chron. Com News

Source: KGED Org News Fix

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