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Christmas clemency for traffic tickets

This maybe an additional bonus for motorists in Illinois during the Holidays as traffic statistics from the Illinois Department of Transportation suggested that police officers are likely more lenient in December. Based on percentage, it revealed that traffic officers show more clemency when it comes to the issuance of traffic tickets.

According to a Register Star analysis of five years of IDOT data for Boone, Winnebago, Ogle and Stephenson counties, it showed that a certain percentage of drivers are let off without a citation after a traffic stop which is typically higher in December than other times of the year. Last year, however, it showed that the percentage of tickets issued per stop was roughly the same as the December yearly average.

However, the data itself did not explain the phenomenon, but top cops in the area stated that it is possible that the police are more willing to issue warnings for minor traffic violations around the holidays. Police officers are likely to issue warnings rather than tickets.

Winnebago County Sheriff Dick Meyers said it is human nature as cops are decent persons which are always a possibility. The police expects voluntary compliance, so if an officer achieves a warning this time of year versus a hard copy ticket or whatever, that certainly is not going to be a second guess.

Belvidere Police Chief Jan Noble said that police officers can use their own discretion when issuing tickets. As a police administrator, he realized that it can vary based on the time of the year; even though that’s not something administrators encourage. So police officers are allowed to use their individual discretionary option, whether they will issue a warning or a ticket.

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Source: RR Star Com

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