speeding ticket


  1. Clybourn, North of Diversey
  2. Hangar rd…just adjacent the O’Hare airport
  3. Archer Avenue @32nd Street
  4. I-55 Damen Exit (mile 290)
  5. 2700 West 115th Street
  6. Cumberland & Argyle
  7. Mannheim and Roosevelt in Westchester
  8. Indianapolis Boulevard from 100th Street to Ind
  9. Southbound Cicero at I-55
  10. Grand Ave. and Western Ave. — Grand Ave. and Chicago Ave.
  11. I-90 Chicago Skyway between Toll Booths and Indiana State Line
  12. N Western Ave & W Thorndale Ave
  13. Nagle Ave/Raven St
  14. Cumberland Avenue
  15. 119th & Halsted Street

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