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Chicago man charged with reckless driving

A man from Chicago is facing charges of reckless driving. The police have charged a Chicago man with reckless driving after he allegedly drove westbound in North Avenue’s eastbound lanes for several blocks and did not heed to the police signal to stop.

The operator, identified as Darius J. Love, age 21 and a resident of 575 N. Pine Ave. in Chicago, was arrested at 12:42 a.m. Tuesday, Oct. 30. This occurred after he had to stop at Monroe and North avenues.

Love is now facing several charges which included reckless driving, driving in the wrong lane, operating a motor vehicle without proof of insurance, illegal transportation of alcohol, failure to yield right-of-way to an emergency vehicle, failure to signal when turning and driving while license expired.

Police related that an officer was following Love’s car after he saw the man allegedly urinating in the parking lot of the Shell service station at North Avenue and Harlem despite of a toilet available in the gas station. The officer saw that Love, the man who urinated illegally, entered his silver Mazda and drove westbound in the eastbound lanes of North Avenue. North Avenue at that point is a divided roadway.

The officer tried to signal the car to stop but it proceeded westbound for several blocks, then it turned southbound onto Monroe, where the road was curbed.

Police Sgt. Michael Thornley said that the driver of the car had no other recourse but to stop at the curve. Officers who approached his car smelt the odors of alcohol and cannabis as the driver was ordered out of the car. Thornley added that there were three other passengers in the car who cooperated with police. Love was not cooperating, subsequently; he was arrested and transported to the station. Now he is facing lots of charges.

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