speeding ticket


1. Coldwater & Burbank
2. Chandler Blvd. between Van Nuys and Coldwater
3. Corner of Victory and Whitsett
4. Woodman and Riverside
5. On Sepulveda a couple of blocks south of Burbank
6. Sepulved Blvd. Between Magnolia Blvd and Morrison St.
7. Woodley Ave. near Burbank Blvd.
8. Going south on Coldwater Canyon at Burbank Blvd.
9. Southbound on Woodman near Burbank
10. Van Nuys Blvd. just N of Hortense
11. Valley Vista Boulevard near Davana Avenue
12. Van Nuys Boulevard near Milbank to Hazeltine Avenue
13. Laurel Terrace near Laurel Canyon Boulevard
14. Riverside Street near Haskell Street
15. Sepulveda Boulevard near Ventura Boulevard

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