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Albano has lost trust because of traffic ticket

State assemblyman Nelson Albano is an intelligent man of character with honesty and integrity. This was what his supporters wrote in a 2009 letter to the editor. He  praised the South Jersey lawmaker for following his heart instead of being a cynical career politician.

Albano has impressed lots of supporters over the years with his integrity as he proved himself to be a relentless advocate for Cumberland County and a strong supporter of crime victims.

But some of his ardent supporters were profoundly disappointed with Albano after a Feb. 21 incident near Trenton. The Vineland lawmaker was stopped by a state trooper for speeding at 71 mph in a 55 mph zone.

Albano admitted that he was speeding and he tried getting out of the speeding ticket by asking the trooper for a break. He mentioned that he was named Legislator of the Year by the police union. The trooper answered by telling Albano to call the court.

After a few days thinking about the incident, Albano, wrote a letter to the top official in the New Jersey State Police, where he claimed that he had been singled out, treated like a criminal and obtained from official business. Traffic officials were able to present a video of the traffic stop recently which showed Albano stretching the truth, rather than that “man of character and honesty and integrity” he was just a few years ago.

Many were frustrated and disappointed because Albano has done important work while in office, particularly as an effective voice for the families of innocent victims of drunken driving. He spearheaded tougher DWI legislation, criticized police who looked the other way when fellow officers were driving drunk and even volunteered to teach a traffic safety course for local Boy Scouts.

When he decided to enter politics and run for Assembly in 2005, he cited highway safety as one of his priorities. He said that government officials have to look at all forms of highway safety. It is sad to note that six years later, the man who wanted to lead traffic safety efforts in the Statehouse tried to use his position of power to get out of a speeding ticket. Afterwards, he tried to sully the reputation of a state trooper who was doing his job honorably.

The assembly man of the people has clearly lost his way ad is transformed from being a hero to embarrassment.

Albano can try to sweep this incident under the rug, refrained from talking about it, offer all kinds of apologies and pretend it never happened. Or he can devise a plan of sincerely trying to win back the trust of his constituents by showing he has truly learned his lesson. What strategy he will use depends on his ability. But if he wants a next term, it has better be good.

A good beginning would be for him to lead the way for reforms in Trenton that gave severe punishments for lawmakers who abuse their positions of authority for personal gain, like getting out of a traffic ticket. But there is so much for him to do before he earns respect of his constituents again.

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Source: The Daily Journal Com

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