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Cameras boost speeding tickets in New Miami

NEW MIAMI — New Miami police reported that the three portable, unmanned cameras positioned along U.S. 127 and Seven Mile Avenue was able to record nearly 1,000 speeding violations on its first 12 days of operation.

Speed cameras are addition to the safety program being initiated. According to New Miami Police Chief Kenny Cheek said that the speed cameras went into service Oct. 1; which he hoped would motivate people to slow down.

Cheek mentioned that the one-mile stretch of U.S. 127 that passing through the village allows a 35 mph speed limit, but thousands of vehicles traveling along are speeding between 46 and 48 mph. The cameras are photograph vehicles traveling 11 mph over the speed limit, and violators will be fined $95 per offense.

Accidents often happen and there are lots of complaints coming from residents of the villages along the area. Cheek said that a park, fire station and Family Dollar store construction site sit along the route so cameras can deter speeding as they work 24 hours a day.

Speeding vehicles are photographed which is reviewed and approved by Check or other three officers before a notice of liability is mailed to the vehicle’s owner. The village will keep $57 of the fine amount going to its general fund for operations, and the remaining 40 percent, or $38, will go to Optotraffic LLC of Lanham, Md., who owns the cameras and administers the program.

Controversies involving speed cameras and red-light cameras have stirred up in several communities throughout the state, including Hamilton and Middletown. According to critics of the devices, these speed cameras are just a money-making scheme for the municipalities and villages that use them, while proponents of the devices contend their use is primarily to improve safety.

According to Belinda Ricketts, the village’s fiscal officer the New Miami’s share of the collected fine amount would be about $57,000 if all 1,000 speed camera violations between Oct. 1 and Oct. 12 are approved for processing to the motorists. This amount is more than half of the $101,300 generated by the village’s police levy and general fund appropriation for 2012.

According to Belinda Ricketts, the village’s fiscal officer, before the cameras were installed, police, officers would sit in their cruisers on highway 127 to manage slow or ticket speeders averaging only about 100 traffic stops a month, including speeding. Cheek is New Miami’s only full-time officer as the rest of the village’s auxiliary officers, who work five-hour shifts doing traffic and other patrols.

Last July, the Village Council approved an ordinance to establish the speed camera traffic enforcement and a resolution to enter a contract with Optotraffic was approved Aug. 2. State-required warning signs were placed at the village limits in late August and full enforcement started Oct. 1.

She added that cameras are currently installed along U.S. 127 and Seven Mile Avenue but they may be moved to other parts of the village at a later date.

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