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Diva nicked for speeding ticket

Speeding ticket officers caught a stunning beauty in its net. During a live WWE Smackdown event, the 26-year-old Diva Kaitlyn whose real name is Celeste Bonin was apprehended by authorities in Michigan.

After her arrest, she was taken to a nearby police station. Her glamorous pictures were soon plastered all over the internet, after the photos were published by as US website.

Kaitlyn admitted that during a previous visit to Michigan she was cited for a traffic violation. She said that she is willing to cooperate with authorities to settle the issue.

It will be recalled that last November 21 – Kaitlyn had been advised that speed kills or at least it embarrasses.

That was the case at the SmackDown tapings last November 20, 2012 in Grand Rapids where WWE Diva Kaitlyn was arrested and arrested by local police shortly after she arrived at the Van Andel Arena. The reason for the arrest was a speeding ticket.

Yes, it did happen that the lovely Diva Kaitlyn, whose actual name is Celeste Bonin, was taken in and subjected to a mugshot for a simple speeding ticket. According to TMZ, she shelled out a bond for $315 and admitted that she willing to cooperate with the authorities to have a closure of the matter.

It is an unknown fact whether this embarrassing arrest will lead to Kaitlyn’s current push in the Divas Division being halted. Just recently, she was able to defeat Aksana on the last November 19.

Based on TMZ report, it is confirmed that WWE Diva Kaitlyn whose real name is Celeste Bonin, was arrested after she arrived at the Smackdown tapings in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She took her arrest peacefully.

The Smackdown stunner was booked by local law enforcement after a warrant had been issued over an unpaid ticket from speeding her last visit to the state last November. She was later released on a $350 bond.

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