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binary options Just before reaching the border of Minnesota and Wisconsin, troopers halted the car for speeding at 88 mph in a 70 mph zone. She was able to receive her 4th ticket.

Speaking about speeding tickets, here are some interesting facts you will be interested to know about –

1. Male drivers are issued more speeding tickets than female drivers.
2. For women, the best option is to contest a speeding ticket while men will just pay the fine and get it over.

3. Young drivers (between the ages of 17 and 24 ) get the most number of tickets.

4. There is a close correlation between the low financial condition of a city and traffic violation. When the income of the city decreases by 10%; there will be a corresponding 6.5% in the number of speeding tickets issued
5 In the United states, approximately 35 millions of speeding tickets are issued annually. That would be 93,000 tickets daily or 65 tickets per minute.
6/Ohio issued more speeding tickets compared with other states; next on the list are Pennsylvania, New York and California.
7. The 1-95 east coast corridors are places of danger where the most costly speeding ticket fines are collected. Specifically avoid traveling from New England straight on to North Carolina.
8. Every year, New York State cashes in about $76 million in traffic tickets.
9. Doctors are more prone to receive a speeding ticket compared with other professionals.
10. In the U.S., the average speeding ticket fine is $150.
11. Insurance premium are increased on the average of $300 after receipt of a speeding ticket.
12. Lawyers are adept in fighting speeding ticket and are hired to handle around 180,000 tickets annually an average cost of $150 per client.
13. Traffic officers must be in attendance when you contest a ticket; however around 1% of contested tickets are invalidated as arresting officer failed to appear.
14. Every rule has an exception as there are valid excuses for speeding – as when passing another car or being chased by another car with someday after your life and other logical reasons.

If you have received a traffic ticket, please contact an experienced speeding ticket lawyers. Protect your right to drive legally.

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