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Campus Police allowed to issue speeding tickets

May 16, 2013

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo – Do you know that the state of Missouri has legislated campus police to issue speeding tickets? In the United States, higher educational institutions hire police to safeguard the campus, including near-by areas and the people living, working and visiting the place. Most common set up of the campus police is the presence of police officers, security guards and student workers.

On the outside world, traffic tickets are given out by police enforcers to motorists and road travelers who are violating traffic codes. Penalties, based on the degree of violation vary. Most common variety is payment of fines and/or points are deducted from violator’s license. Serious penalty is arrest and eventual incarceration.

There is a time limiting paying fines and for those who delay are endanger of an arrest warrant and more severe penalties.

Different kinds of traffic violations merit different king of fines and penalties. Some examples of traffic violations are: illegal parking; speeding above the limit; failure to follow a stop light; DUI or DWI; driving recklessly and other infractions. Municipal revenues are earned to a large extent to fines imposed on traffic violators.

House Bill Number 307 was legislated by the Missouri Senate stated as follows:– it allows the governing board of any public college or university to impose traffic regulations on roads owned or maintained by the institution. The schools could post speed limits and other traffic control signals.

With a fine ranging from five dollars to five hundred dollars and potential incarceration for a year, campus traffic tickets are considered the same as those in other big cities.

Police at the Missouri public colleges and universities campuses have the power to issue speeding tickets. The bill passed last Thursday by the Missouri Senate gives the Board governing all public higher educational institutions the right to power  regulate traffic as they owned and looked after the care of these roads. They are empowered to determine limit of speed and other ways of controlling traffic on their roads.

Last month, the Lower House was presented by the Senate a similar bill for approval.

In short, this legislation grants all campus police in Missouri the power to issue   speeding tickets. It appears that the legislation of HB # 307 last Thursday was the first of its kind in the States where the governing board of public educational institutions are given the authority. This is only fair since owned and maintained these roads. Educational institutions are authorized to post official traffic control signal and the campus police could write tickets for such infringement as speeding. Treatment of campus traffic tickets are the same as everywhere in Missouri.

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