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St. Louis senator tries to increase penalty for not buckling up

When state Sen. Joseph Keaveny was on first year in Missouri’s upper house, he introduced a measure to increase the fine for safety belt violations. His chief reason was that if Missouri could raise its seat belt compliance, it would be able to add to its federal highway dollars. It is a fact that Missouri ranks fairly low among states for seat belt use.

The bill did not move forward.

Now, after three years, Missouri still ranks pretty low among states for seat belt compliance, at 79 %; at least hundreds of people involved in traffic accidents still die because they don’t buckle up; and Missouri’s fine for not wearing a seat belt is $10. Keaveny stated that the fine for littering in Missouri is $79.50.

Senate Bill 62 is the latest version. Keaveny prefiled for the upcoming session and hopes to get this measure out of committee.

There have been two primary arguments against increasing the fine: one is a civil liberties argument that the state shouldn’t tell someone how to drive his or her car; the other is that it is a sneaky way to increase revenue.

In this case, Keaveny pointed to a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration study that by making failure to wear a safety belt a primary traffic offense, it would save 63 lives and prevent 759 serious injuries in Missouri in a year. Keaveny’s bill does not even make failure to buckle up a primary offense, meaning a police officer still could not pull you over for that alone.

According to the statistics of this year, Missouri has logged 764 traffic deaths, and 64 % of those who died were not restrained. Keaveny said many of the traffic deaths on Missouri roads are not from the initial collision but from people being ejected from the car.

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