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Violation Points Assessed

• Motor Vehicle Homicide 12 Points
• Driving Under the Influence – 3rd Offense or Subsequent Offense** 12 Points
• Failure to render aid in accident you are involved in 6 Points
• Driving Under the Influence – 1st and 2nd Offense 6 Points
• Willful reckless driving (deliberate & intentional) 6 Points
• Reckless driving (rash, heedless, dangerous) 5 Points
• Careless driving (inattentive, forgetful, inconsiderate) 4 Points
• Leave the scene of an accident 6 Points
Failure to yield to a pedestrian with bodily injury to the pedestrian 4 Points
• Negligent driving (indifferent, offhand, neglectful) 3 Points
• Failure to yield to a pedestrian with no bodily injury to pedestrian 2 Points
• Failure to submit to an alcohol content test 1 Point
Speeding (points are assessed for speeding on the basis of miles per hour [MPH] over the posted speed limit and the type of road):
• Business & Residential District
• 1 thru 5 MPH 1 Point
• Over 5 thru 10 MPH 2 Points
• Over 10 MPH 3 Points
• Over 35 MPH 4 Points
• County Roads / State Highways
• 1 thru 10 MPH 1 Point
• Over 10 thru 15 MPH 2 Points
• Over 15 MPH 3 Points
• Over 35 MPH 4 Points
• Interstate Highway
• 1 thru 10 MPH 1 Point
• Over 10 thru 15 MPH 2 Points
• Over 15 MPH 3 Points
• Over 35 MPH 4 Points
• Operating a vehicle with an expired license or if no license has ever been issued. 1 Point
• All other traffic violations (excluding parking, muffler, no valid operator’s license on person, or for violations involving occupant protection system, motorcycle or a moped protective helmet).
1 Point

• Upon conviction of a violation, points are assessed to a driving record as of the date of violation. Convictions remain on the driving record for five (5) years. Accumulating 12 points in a two (2) year time period (counting from the last date of violation) causes automatic revocation of the operator’s license under the Nebraska Point System.
• When convicted of a traffic violation in another state, points are assessed against a driving record as if the violation occurred in Nebraska.
** Third Offense drunken driving in violation of any city or village ordinance or of section 60-6,6196, as disclosed by the records of the director, regardless of whether the trial court found the same to be a third offense.


You will be subject to specific penalties if you accumulate a certain number of points on your driving license:

1. You will have your license suspended for six months if you accumulate 12 points or more over a two-year period on your current driving record. If this happens twice in five years, your license will be suspended for a period of three years. A notice of scheduled suspension will be mailed to you. You may be fined $500 or imprisoned for up to 30 days for driving with a suspended license.

2. Accumulating points on your driving license is also likely to increase your auto insurance rates. See our auto insurance section for more information about obtaining quality car insurance at competitive rates.

How to clear your driving record

The Nebraska DMV maintains a record of all the points added to your driving license. However, there are a number of ways in which you can remove points from your current driving record.

1. Taking a Driver Improvement Course that is approved by the DMV enables you to deduct two points from your current driving record, provided less than 12 points are on your record; and may also qualify you for a reduction in your car insurance rates.

2. While conviction remain on the driving record for 5 years, points for a specific violation no longer count 2 years after the violation occurs.

How to dispute a moving violation charge

If you believe you have been incorrectly charged with committing a moving violation, you may be able to fight the charge in court. See Traffic Tickets and Traffic Ticket Attorneys for more information.

Source: http://www.dmv.state.ne.us/frd/pts.html

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