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Highway Patrol Issue While Driving Prohibition

In the 2011 Nevada Legislative Session, the SB140 became a law which made illegal the use of messaging and other hand held mobile devices while operating an automobile. It provided that people who are ticketed the first time for using their cell phone while driving will get a warning, and fines for 1st offense, the amount of $112; for the 2nd offense, $192 and for the 3rd offense, the amount of $352.

Sponsored by Senator Shirley Breeden of Las Vegas), the bill became effective on 1/1/2012. The new law established a warning period from October 2011 to the start of 2012, and during that time, the police was issuing warnings to anyone they pulled over using their cell phone while driving in Nevada.

The SB140 was approved in bipartisan votes in the Nevada Senate and Nevada Assembly and was signed by Republican Governor Sandoval.

During the year 2012, the Nevada Highway Patrol was able to ticket almost 12,000 people who were caught talking on their cell phone while driving while talking on their cell phone. The police found out that few of those ticketed for Las Vegas taking or texting on a cell phone while driving were repeat offenders.

There were around 30 people ticketed for 2nd offense and 25 people were required to pay the $352 3rd offense fine. SB140 does not get points against their insurance for first offenders caught talking on a mobile phone while driving. Repeat offenders, however, get insurance demerit points. The goal of the cell phone law was to reduce Las Vegas injury traffic accidents and accidents across Nevada.

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