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Seat Belt and Child Restraint Violations

With the exception of New Hampshire, every state has passed the law that requires all adult drivers and passengers to use safety belts inside motor vehicles. In fact, about half of states approved a law allowing enforcement officer to make traffic stop based solely on a seat belt violation. This means that enforcement of seat belt laws is primary in those states. Meanwhile, the remaining states allow a law enforcement officer to make a traffic stop for a different reason, such as speeding or a mechanical violation, before enforcing the seat belt law. It follows that the enforcement of the law is only secondary in these states.

In some states, traffic laws consider seat belt violations as non-moving violations requiring payment for a fine only similar to a parking ticket. The amount of the fine can vary from $10 (in the states of Arizona, Idaho, and Kansas) to as much as $200 (for certain seat belt violations in Texas).

Other states, aside from imposing a fine, a seat belt violation is treated as a moving violation which is an added points on a driving record, and the offense may even lead to an increase of automobile insurance rates.

Each state also has traffic laws that requiring the use of child safety seats for child passengers under a certain age and/or body weight. There is no specification as to the location of the child; whether seated in front or at the rear. In addition, some states do not allow children below a set weight/age from riding in child safety seats in the front seats of vehicles that are equipped with a passenger side air bag. Child passengers, regardless of any age and/or body weight above the limit for a child safety seat may usually be restrained with a standard safety belt.

When the safety of the driver, passenger or child is at risk in a vehicle, then the operator is issued a traffic citation which is translated into a fine.

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