speeding ticket

NY ticket procedure

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All criminal charges, such as DUI / DWI or reckless driving, are controlled by county courts in upstate New York or by borough courts in the city of New York, or Rochester and Buffalo. You cannot deal with these charges online and must deal with the courts directly.

All non moving violations and non criminal moving violations, such as speeding or not stopping at a stop sign are handled by the Traffic Violations Bureau and these offenses can be answered online.

You can enter your plea online using the TVB website

When you access the TVB website, you will be able to make a plea using the online system. This basically means that you plead guilty or not guilty to the offense. If you plead guilty, then you can also make a payment online by credit card. Payments by check and over the counter can be made instead, if that is what you choose. Details of how you go about doing this are printed on the ticket and are also available online.

If you plead not guilty to the offense, then your charge will be allocated a court hearing.






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