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NY ticket procedure

If you have received a ticket anywhere in the state of New York, then there is an established procedure for what you should do next and how you pay for a fine if that is what is required.

The important thing to keep in mind is that you must respond to the ticket being issued within a given period of time to prevent yourself from getting further into trouble. If you do not respond to a ticket being issued, then you may find that your driver’s license is suspended or revoked and your vehicle registration is cancelled. This does not mean that you are automatically considered guilty of the offense for which your ticket has been issued, simply that you are being penalized for not responding to the ticket.

Get an attorney if you think that your ticket should not have been issued

If you have been issued with a ticket, and you feel that it is not justified, then you should contact a traffic ticket attorney to help you tackle the charge. They may be able to have the ticket cancelled or the penalty reduced, depending on the circumstances surrounding the reason why the ticket was issued in the first place. Normally, an application for a hearing must be made within a precisely defined time limit.

All NY issued tickets have details about how to respond to the ticket on the back of the ticket, and this is the first place that you should scrutinize carefully.

Tickets are issued for different reasons. There are basically three different orders of severity and different jurisdictions handle each type of offense.

Do not bother the TVB with parking tickets

Parking violations are handled solely by the local authority that manages the area in which you were parked and therefore any parking ticket you receive does not involve the New York Department of Motor Vehicles Traffic Violations Bureau (TVB) or the local courts, for that matter. In the case of parking tickets, you will have to pay a fine to the local authority. Non payment of the fine, for whatever reason, may mean that you are charged with non payment and this may escalate the penalties attached. This is when the DMV is involved as the local authority will contact them to notify them that a fine has not been paid.

All criminal charges, such as DUI / DWI or reckless driving, are controlled by county courts in upstate New York or by borough courts in the city of New York, or Rochester and Buffalo. You cannot deal with these charges online and must deal with the courts directly.

All non moving violations and non criminal moving violations, such as speeding or not stopping at a stop sign are handled by the Traffic Violations Bureau and these offenses can be answered online.

You can enter your plea online using the TVB website

When you access the TVB website, you will be able to make a plea using the online system. This basically means that you plead guilty or not guilty to the offense. If you plead guilty, then you can also make a payment online by credit card. Payments by check and over the counter can be made instead, if that is what you choose. Details of how you go about doing this are printed on the ticket and are also available online.

If you plead not guilty to the offense, then your charge will be allocated a court hearing.






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