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Drivers can join lawsuit against yellow lights

It seems that more new complainant are joining the case which accuses that the city has intentionally made short the yellow traffic lights by a half-second so that the cameras are able to catch more red-light runners. It is a fact that by going through a red light means the amount of $85 from the speeder’s wallet.

Pending lawsuit is accusing the city of making short the length of its yellow lights by a half-second so they could capture more drivers running red lights using traffic cameras.

There are two more Brooklyn drivers who are hoping to join an action lawsuit filed against the city for rigging the signal of traffic so they could issue more tickets of $85.

The complainants are added with a couple motorists that will give more power to the lawsuit that was brought to the court December of last year.

They are also adding two more accusations; that NYC is not giving drivers their due process rights found under the Fifth and 14th Amendments to the Constitution.

The accusation in the lawsuit was that the city has shortened the length of its yellow lights to capture more drivers that are running red lights since they are using traffic cameras installed at scores of intersections.

The two potential new driver-plaintiffs were fighting their traffic tickets using the videotapes which captured the shorter yellow lights as they were passing through red lights

Earlier this year, judges from the city’s administration, dismissed the videotapes as evidence in cases introduced by new litigants, David Halberstam and KellyAnn Williams.
A lawsuit is filed against New York City for manipulating the duration of the red light camera to capture more motorists and issue more tickets.

AAA motor club New York spokesperson Robert Sinclair said that the red light cameras prevent the very dangerous, so called, T-Bone crashes, where you have the front of vehicle running into the side of another. The association is in favor of the concept of the red light cameras, but it has to be done to certain engineering criteria.

According to federal law, drivers must be given enough time to get through a yellow light; at least three seconds at the typical 30-mile-per-hour intersection.

AAA engineers of New York last October, engineers at AAA New York discovered that some city intersections with the cameras, the yellow lights were almost a half-second too fast.

Brian Hughes paid a $50 fine after a camera caught him running a light in Manhattan in 2010. Hughes is one of the plaintiffs in a class-action case, claim fraud against New York City and red light cameras of more than 150.

NYC-DOT in a statement said that no red light camera has been proven in this report to be wrongly timed or caused any violation being issued falsely.

Last June, the entire red camera light program was suspended by New Jersey. They found out that 63 of its 85 cameras were actually giving drivers very little time to make the yellow light, as required by state law.

In all over the United States, there are around 540 communities using red light cameras.

With the progress of this lawsuit, a message for city administration by the as many as 6 million ticketed New York drivers: not so fast.

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