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New York man was drunk, speeding in New Lebanon school zone

WEST LEBANON, N.Y. – Speed kills which is the reason why a speed limit is enforced. Police confirmed that blood alcohol level of a New Lebanon man was 3 1/2 times the legal limit for driving. He was also going 17 mph over the speed limit allowed in the area when he sped past an elementary school minutes before classes were dismissed on Tuesday.

The apprehended speeding driver is identified as Andrew Darcy, age 30 tears. He is currently facing charges of aggravated drunken driving and for speeding. This happened when was following a traffic stop on State Route 20 near the Walter B. Howard Elementary School just across the Massachusetts border.

According to New York State Troopers, Darcy was driving his vehicle with a speed of 62 mph in a 45 mph zone when he was apprehended by traffic police and asked to pull over at about 2:40 in the afternoon of Tuesday. Upon being tested, Darcy was allegedly found to have a blood-alcohol content of .28 percent, which is 3 1/2 times the legal limit for driving.

December 20 was the date that Darcy is scheduled to appear in the New Lebanon Town Court. He was charged with aggravated DWI and speeding in a school zone.

The clerk’s office of the New Lebanon Town Court stated that they have no information as to who would be representing Darcy in court.

A speeding violation in most states is a criminal offense, or, at the very least, it is considered a quasi-criminal offense, that is, an act that can be punished by the courts as though it is a crime. In either situation, some standards applicable to purely criminal matters usually apply to prosecutions for speeding.

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Source: Berkshire Eagle Com

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