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Bronx prosecutor beats reckless driving rap

Jennifer Troiano, former Bronx prosecutor, was lucky to escape reckless driving charge after the prosecutors conceded they did not find enough evidence.

It was a disgraced former Bronx prosecutor tried to sneak out of her arrest pleaded guilty one Friday of drunk driving before a court last March of 2012.

Attorney Jennifer Troiano, ex-assistant district prosecutor was spared jail time as she strongly apologized “deeply for her actions.
In 2010, an intoxicated Troiano, 34, crashed her car on the Major Deegan Expressway and then tried using her law-enforcement connections to avoid arrest.

According to court records as she was arrested by the police, she shouted in a slurred voice that she was not doing anything wrong.
Despite her pleas, officers charged with reckless driving, a count that was later dropped on reasons of technicality, and driving while intoxicated.

Last Monday, a judge last Monday dismissed a reckless driving charge against ex Bronx prosecutor Jennifer Troiano after the prosecutors conceded they did not have enough evidence to prove the charges.

Steven Epstein, her defense lawyer said that the dismissal proved that the charges are overstated and exaggerated as his client was innocent of the charges.

Troiano was one of those involved in an accident last Aug. 26 after getting into a three-car wreck on the Major Deegan Expressway while going home from a party with other Bronx prosecutors.

She had also been twice involved in trouble in earlier driving episodes, sources said. In one of the drunken-driving charge, she was able to void the matter. But according to her defense lawyer, Epstein the prior two incidents never took place.

Amidst probe into the NYPD ticket-fixing scandal, the appearance of preferential treatment proved embarrassing for the Bronx district attorney’s office.

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Source: My Daily News Com

Source: My Daily News Com

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