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Brooklyn bicyclist fined $1,555 during a single traffic stop

An avid cyclist was issued four tickets when he went non-stop through three red lights while wearing headphones.

Last month, Daniel Greer, 24, said that he was shocked after being fined a staggering amount of $1,555 as his penalty for a single traffic stop in Brooklyn.

The 24-year-old Bushwick artist admitted going through three red lights while wearing headphones. He did not at first realize that he was made to pull over at the intersection of Lorimer and Grand Sts. He was biking on this way home after a photography assistant gig last Sept. 7.

He was issued four tickets which he pleaded guilty thinking that the fines would only amount to a range from $700 to $900.
Greer answered the summonses by mail and even checked off guilty to the offenses that were cited during the Williamsburg stop.

Upon receiving a Sept. 8 notice, he was greatly stunned that he was made to pay an amount that was almost one-tenth of his annual income.

He was considered a repeat offender since he ran through three red lights. After running the first light, the next one was tantamount to a repeated offense. The red-light tickets totaled to an amount between $190 and $940. Greer said that he was at fault as he really went through three red lights but he believed that the cost of the penalty was astronomical.

Greer considered fighting the tickets but coping to the traffic violations was an arduous task since he was going to be out of town. It was wrong timing as he was required to respond to the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles within 15 days.

However, the police was adamant that Greer deserved the multiple tickets he received. A NYPD spokeswoman said the individual committed several violations and was cited accordingly.

The lawyer of the cycling advocate, Steve Vaccaro disagreed with the practice of issuing multiple tickets except when the motorist has committed lots of very different and distinct things wrong.

While there is nothing illegal in issuing multiple tickets, but it could be frowned upon by some traffic court judges handling the case.

Vaccaro said there are times when judges could contest traffic tickets or throw out summons that they consider to be applicable only to a single course of action; This practice is termed as double-dipping.

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