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Paying a Speeding Ticket in NY

In eastern New York, shelling out $150 for a speeding ticket will actually total to $235.00 as there is a surcharge of $85 along with a $22 ‘convenience’ fee to pay online. So instead of the original cost of $150 ticket, you will have to pay $257.

A Suffield visitor was traveling in eastern New York and police clocked her doing 85 mph in a 65 mph zone. She paid the original $150 ticket and had no idea of the surcharge and convenience fees.
Initially, the ticket was given to her with no dollar amount. But seven weeks later, she got a letter from an eastern New York court informing her of the cost of ticket along with payment options. Her original payment was $150, with an alarming $85 surcharge, totaling $235.

It seems cruel and almost illegal, paying for a surcharge of nearly 57% of the total ticket amount. Since she realized that traveling back to eastern New York to contest the ticket was far more expensive and time-consuming, she decided to pay the amount.

All drivers are able to recall their first speeding ticket, fender bender and other minor infractions with the law. You were probably younger then when you were driving and showing off in your father’s car. A few might have been a paranoid newbie driver who went about twirling and jingling the ring of keys. You got a ticket with a totaled fee that was sloppily written on the bottom. You had the option to pay or contest the ticket which was both easy and affordable. The ticket did not include surprises, as surcharges or convenience fees. You were aware of these financial consequences and humbly obeyed those expectations.

In this case, no personal check was accepted. The only courses opened were paying by money orders, cashier’s check or online payments. Since money orders and cashier’s checks require a trip to the bank, the easiest is online payment. This former visitor from NY logged on to the referred website and after going through a series of lengthy steps was about to finalize her transaction.

But then she started thinking if there is a need to pay a convenience fee for a speeding ticket online? It seems oxymoronic as there is nothing convenient about paying a fee for a standard online payment. The amount of $22 which is forced to be paid seems nonsensical. Protesting inwardly, she closed the webpage, went to her local bank, paid the $3 processing fee for a cashier’s check, placed a .45 cent stamp on the envelope and finalize the transaction.

The question is -. What is the surcharge for? Why the outrageous convenience fee for paying online? The court employee’s initial reply was – The surcharge is a mandatory charge from the state. The online convenience fee is determined by the Web site that offers the service of online ticket payment. The state receives nothing for that convenience.

Like anything else, lessons affecting the checkbook are quickly learned. Therefore, if you can’t drive 65 mph, prepare yourself for a chunky financial hiccup with a labyrinth-style payment.

If you have received a traffic ticket, please contact an experienced speeding ticket lawyers. Protect your right to drive legally.

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