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Speeding ticket blitz in Ohio

LMWOOD PLACE, Ohio – For drivers who love speed, keep off from Ohio, Elmwood Place village is not the place for you.

After Elmwood Place installed traffic cameras, it has been issuing citations and traffic tickets at such a rapid pace. Police recorded approximately 6,600 during the initial month which showed that the number of citations and tickets issued which was three times more than the village residents. Since the cameras started running last September, the County was able to reap a windfall of reportedly $1.5 million in fines alone.

Due to speeding ticket blitz which brought into their coffers a hefty amount of $105 in citations, it has propped up the economically hard-up village for months. A petition by motorists has been released in social media to boycott the village, and there is a pending lawsuit that claims that this constitutes a violation.

Village police chief said that the automated system is not only to boost the revenue of the place but it has made the village safer as speeding is now being controlled.

This lawsuit is scheduled to be heard on Thursday in Hamilton County court where each side will be giving their arguments.

For David Downs, one of the petitioners said that he understands that the Village needs money but the ticket blitz is the wrong way to raise it. Downs is the owner of St. Bernard Polishing Co. and his business is a few yards from a camera that where the speed limit drops to 25 mph from 35 mph. Downs said that this ticket speeding spree has affected his business as one longtime customers said that he will not return as he was issued a speeding citations while his other customers were mad so he is fears that he might lose them.

Another complainant is the parish priest of the Catholic Community Church of Our Lady of Layang, the Rev. Fr. Chau Pham, whose 70 parishioners were issued tickets one day last September. The camera drove away 1/3 of his Vietnamese congregation.

The best reason that Elmwood Place cited is that the village needed the funds as the median household income of the place is less than 2/3 of Ohio’s stateside figure. William Peskin who is Police Chief said that it keeps the place and saves manpower as only one auxiliary officer is needed to watch the area.

The traffic camera is operated and managed by Lanham, Md.-based Company who services the cameras, mails the citations and handles all the other administrative tasks in return getting 40% of the ticket revenue. This is the best option of many local governments who are facing budget deficits.

The use of camera enforcement has been upheld in many federal, state and local courts all over the country; although civil rights groups were able to lead successfully efforts to bar traffic cameras in some places.

A lawsuit was filed last Nov. 30, 2012 with petitioners from the community and motorists of the Hamilton County Common Pleas Court.  The lawsuit claimed that the Ordinance violates Ohio law &Constitution and furthermore,  it is in violation of the  due process rights of citizens.

Last January 9, 2013, a hearing on the request for an injunction was held where Elmwood Place residents and others testified about problems of the implementation of the speed cameras

Officials of Elmwood Place stated that almost $1.5 million has been collected from tens of thousands of tickets being issued. Motorists caught speeding by the robotic cameras, are fined $105 for a ticket initially.

The judge has postponed giving a ruling on the lawsuit regarding southwest Ohio village’s use of traffic speed cameras for next month as he wants to hear the complete testimonies from both the defendants and the petitioners.

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