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Do not fight speeding ticket in Mayor’s Court

Motorists caught speeding and slapped with traffic tickets will swear anticipating the hard times ahead. Only rarely do they use the energy of that frustration to find ways to fight the ticket.

Jeanine Hummer, who is Upper Arlington Law Director, said that it is very hard to win a speed case.

According to Supreme Court data, in the mayor court cases, there are only about 2% involved in traffic violations and other misdemeanors that proceed to go a trial.

Since the start of 20122, Upper Arlington has conducted only11 trials and it found only one not-guilty verdict. Out of the 18 Westerville trials, only one non-guilty verdict was given by the court.

It was evident that in Worthington’s trials involving 27 cases, half infractions were about over-speeding that resulted to all guilty verdicts.

In New Albany, Dublin and Grove City’s active mayor’s courts, not one case was ever brought to trial.

Defendants are advised to appeal their case at the Franklin County Municipal Court. There were about 1,700 cases that went there in 2012, most for more serious violations such as drunken driving.

Franklin County Municipal Court Administrative Judge James E. Green said that most of those are settled in arraignment court.

Approximately 80% of cases in mayor court’s traffic violations are involved with over-speeding as the number one in traffic infractions.

A winning case is one that the guilt has been by prosecutors to be beyond reasonable doubt. Still, when motorists are made to stand against magistrates, cops and mayors; people seldom doubt the veracity of the barge.

Randall Rabe, an attorney who lives in the suburb, was apprehended by the police for a 41 MPH in a 25 MPH zone on Jan. 4. Rabe said in court that the ticket worth $100 ticket was not fair because the Mazda sedan of his son running with an engine of four- cylinder engine, would not reached easily the clocked speed in the distance he traveled.

The judge agreed that it would be fairly difficult, unless you punched it real hard, to get up to 43.The officer, along with the prosecutor, left the courtroom disappointed.

But most defendants are not lawyers so they are not prepared as Rabe to defend themselves

Melissa Kohler, a court clerk of Upper Arlington said that many motorists with traffic violations want to contest a case but they cannot question the officers; they don’t know when to object; so basically. There is no case.

But there are others who do not give up.

Couple Marc and Tracy Barraco stood against a traffic ticket for speeding that she received two years back but she lost at a trial in Hilliard Mayor’s Court. The couple is now appealing to Franklin County Municipal Court where she pleaded guilty so she will not be added points, excluded from fine and paying any court costs.

An activist in court, Barraco was attending daily meetings of the city council lobbying for improvement in training officers, procurement of newer radar equipment and council members to be more concerned on the needs of citizenry.

He realized that someone got to run for council who understands that you are accountable to the public. Unfortunately, he was unsuccessful in running for the office.

If you have received a traffic ticket, please contact an experienced traffic ticket lawyer Protect right to drive legally.

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