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Hundreds of speeding tickets thrown out

Do you know that a computer glitch costs city nearly $60,000 in fines? In Elmwood Place, Ohio, hundreds of speeding tickets were thrown out; a great loss to the state’s coffers but a boon to the motorists. Whichever result, it was due to a computer failure in Elmwood Place.

Due to the failure, officials confirmed that a magistrate is throwing out about 300 cases from the docket. This gratified many drivers who were waiting to settle their tickets. Village workers were pleased to state that nearly 1,000 tickets have been dismissed during the past two hearings.

After the village installed a pair of speed cameras around the area, it was a common sight to see people contesting the tickets.

According to Elmwood Place police Chief William Peskin, lots of violations were dismissed but it’s fair as they were not able to proceed. The tablet recently malfunctioned so tickets were thrown out because the documents needed to back up the cameras’ evidence are stored on a server accessed by an electronic tablet.

With a paperless court system as the tablet failed to power up. The tablet was turned on but it would immediately turn back off, Peskin said.

This was such a costly glitch as the city lost around $60,00 as tickets were thrown out which could have netted this amount.

Resident Jessica Adkins said she had seven tickets thrown out. She said that she did not know there were cameras. Every day, she drops her son at my grandma’s, goes to school and works the whole day.

Peskin said that they would be able to iron out the problem and the system would be fixed by the next hearing on Saturday. The chief said despite the controversy, the cameras are doing what they’re designed to do.

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