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Beware of Speed Ticket

TULSA, Oklahoma – The coming of the New Year revitalized Tulsa police to make a vigorous drive penning down violators on the highway from multitude of drivers using the road daily.

Motorists are wary of the Broken Arrow Expressway where traffic officers are directing their attention on issuing traffic tickets on vehicles violating traffic ordinances. The legal limit of speed along this roads differs from55 mph to 60 mph and even as high as 65 mph if you go further east.

Recently, the police of Tulsa are no longer giving warnings about speeding but they immediately issue speed tickets.

Cpl. Steve Wood stated that the Broken Arrow Expressway has always been a traffic problem during the three decades he has been in service.

According to Cpl Wood, in his one hour surveillance along the expressway, he saw many speeding violations. He said that if speed is overlooked, it might caused collisions and wasting limbs and lives of the victims.

Wood mentioned that speed violations result to more than half of the 15,000 vehicle accidents in Tulsa every year. He apprehended one driver running at a speed of 75 mph on the highway allowing only 60.

He said that for the police the most prone accident area is on the BA in Lewis. He noticed that when traffic is flowing smoothly, there is no mishap but when traffic gets bogged down, crashes happen in many directions.

When Cpl. Wood apprehended one drive to speeding 15 above the limit, driver Alex McFarland stated that he just turned from a corner and never realized that he was over speeding. This motorist is using the expressway every day.

Drivers who are driving closed to other cars are also ticketed by the cops who always crop up during rush hours.

Cpl. Wood caught a driver with an expire tag only to discover that this operator was driving with a suspended license and no insurance. He believed that if people only slows down & follow legal speed and pays attention then the 15,000 annual collisions would be greatly reduced.

For the next week, Tulsa police will continue their vigorous crack down on BA Expressway traffic.

Violators are fined from $159 up to $200 per infringement.

Motorists driving over 20 miles over the speed limit are required to have a day in court that comes with a mandatory court appearance.

Earlier this month, Tulsa traffic enforcers were going after reckless drivers traveling along one of Tulsa’s busiest highways.

According to records, between the dates from January 14 to January 20 – more than 100 tickets had been issued to drivers who were caught speeding on the Broken Arrow Expressway and city surface streets.

Tulsa Police considered the Broken Arrow Expressway as the most problematic rod in Lewis.

Police are encouraging drivers to give special concern for posted signs of speed limits, and warned that officers will continue enforcing speed violations and in the future will be going into more he\highways in their efforts to minimize car accidents.

The Municipal Court of Tulsa serves as the authorized Court of under the Ordinance from the City, including jurisdiction over the whole of Tulsa City. The Court deals traffic misdemeanors criminal and parking offenses; including code violations for animal, fire, health and zoning violations.  Starting July 1 of 2011, all Warrant Citations of the Bench and Failure to Pay cases are added a a fee of 35 % once moved over to the collection agency.

A traffic ticket serves as a legal document fining violators of Tulsa’s Municipal Ordinances. If you are issued a ticket, you deal with it immediately or face serious repercussions.

If you have received a traffic ticket, please contact an experiencedspeeding ticket lawyers . Protect your right to drive legally

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Source: City of Tulsa org

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