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Overweight vehicle tickets

If you are a commercial vehicle driver, you are already well aware that any sort of traffic violation can affect your ability to drive and therefore your livelihood. This includes traffic violations like overweight vehicle tickets as well as speeding tickets, oversize vehicle tickets, tickets for not securing a load properly and DUI / DWI offenses.

Because of the cost of ticket fines and the possibility that you could have your commercial license suspended or revoked, you should seriously consider hiring an attorney in the event you are handed a ticket as he or she may be able to get your ticket thrown out or the fine lessened or minimized.

Overweight vehicles must pay the price of the damage they do, according to the state authorities

Overweight vehicle tickets are a permanent thorn in the side of most large truck drivers, such as those driving semi-trailers or “rigs”. To make ends meet, or simply to make a profit, most trucking companies want to maximize the load on their trucks. At the same time, traffic officers try to uphold the laws about truck weights. The standard reason for these laws is that the cost of upkeep of highways and bridges means that the heavier a vehicle, the more damage they do. Overweight vehicles, in the eyes of the state, must be penalized because of the excessive potential wear and tear they have on the infrastructure.

Most overweight tickets are handed out to vehicle owners based on a calculation of weight on each axle. The fine, if the vehicle is found to be overweight, increases as the weight increases, which can make the ticket very expensive indeed.

County and state variations complicate overweight rules

Complicating the issue for any truck operator who crosses from one state to another, in fact even within a state, from one county to another is the variation in weight rules between different locations.

This means that while a rig might be perfectly legal in one part of California, for instance, it is considered overweight if it’s checked and weighed further down the highway in a different county or if it crosses over into Nevada.

Truck operators really need to be careful of overweight rules, as the penalties for being overweight are expensive.

Are some counties issuing tickets just to make money?

Many state traffic officers now have developed a habit of “stacking” up traffic violations, so a truck driver may find that they not only have an overweight vehicle ticket , but two or three other tickets for other violations which the officer chose to focus on. In some counties, it almost seems that issuing tickets is simply done as a fund raising venture or as a “business”. This is particularly the case when ticket fines for multiple violations are cumulative and not simply additive, so that the more tickets are issued, the more expensive they become.

The answer to anybody who has been given an overweight vehicle ticket or a ticket for any other traffic violation is to hire a vehicle ticket attorney to defend their case and attempt to have the tickets validity revoked.


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