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Drowsy Driving

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Handel mit binären Optionen Unternehmen in USA Associated Press reported that health officials are underestimating the number of drowsy drivers as revealed in the study. AP continued that people often fall asleep for only a second or two, and never realize they dozed off while driving.

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1. Feeling exhausted and tired.

2. Forgetting the last mile or two driven on the road.

3. Floating onto reverberating ribbon of the road.

4. Being preoccupied with strong imagination and daydreaming and
5. Feeling heavy eyelids and difficulty in concentrating on the road.

Drivers who experienced these symptoms, you find a safe part of the road and get a few minutes of slumbers. Experts advised that best way to keep from drowsy driving is to get enough sleep of about seven to nine hours a night. Drinking coffee or alcoholic drinks will no keep you awake.

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