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Reasons of Suspended License

The possession of a driver’s license is a privilege and like other privileges, there are rules to follow. If any of these rules are infringed, this privilege maybe suspended. Of course, each state enumerates its own reasons for the eventual or immediate suspension of your license; however, the difference is very minimal. Here are five of the most common reasons why this privilege is suspended.

1. Committing serious offenses or violations:

There are some serious violations or convictions, based on a state’s implementation that may lead to immediate license suspension that includes following-

• Driving under the influence (DUI); Driving while intoxicated (DWI), or Operating while intoxicated (OWI).
• Committing vicious acts related to a motor vehicle.
• Being guilty of manslaughter from a vehicle or homicide.
• Fleeing the scene of an accident.
• Evading a traffic officer.
• Causing a collision with a biker or pedestrian.
• Having arrears in paying court-ordered child support.
• Being guilty to graffiti violation.
• Participating in, or organizing, an unauthorized speed contest on a public highway.

2. Accumulating demerit points:

Every state maintains a point system assigned as minor or major traffic offenses. The minute you have received a certain number of points within a definite time period, you end up with a suspended license. For example – When you have accumulated 12 or more demerit points against your license in a 12-month period, your license will be suspended.

3. Driving records that are inaccurate:

Accuracy of your record is an important factor as inaccuracy can be the cause of a license suspension. You have to check your driving record to include only true information. Be wary of:

• Inaccurate driving record points which are higher than the actual number.
• Inclusion of traffic tickets which are invalidated or the court dropped as you finished traffic school.
• Inclusion of DUI convictions which you were not found guilty.

4. Failure to Maintain Insurance:

If you are caught driving without any car insurance or without proof of an insurance, you will end up with a suspended license. Sometimes, you will be required to show your financial responsibility due to a suspended license or revocation. When you are involved in an accident with a personal or property damage of more than $750 and you do not have liability insurance, your driver’s license and vehicle registration will be suspended.

5. Habitual violations:

Generally, a habitual offender repeats violations that reach a certain number of specific violations within a specific time frame.
An illustration is the fact that several states suspend a license after a driver commits a certain number of reckless driving offenses (often two or three times) within a specific time frame usually within a period of 12 months to three years.

Some states consider a driver a habitual offender status for receiving a certain number of convictions within a certain time regardless of the type of violation.

Of course, part of being a responsible driver and deserving to own a driver’s license is your duty: to appear in court as required if you receive a traffic ticket and need to pay the fine.

If you have received a traffic ticket, please contact an experienced speeding ticket lawyers. Protect your right to drive legally

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