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• The next frontier for advancement in traffic light technology boggles the mind. “Smart traffic lights” will soon be able to alert drivers of oncoming vehicles of imminent light changes, which will result in greater safety and reduced waiting times. The technology for lights to do this is already developed; what needs to happen is for automobiles to be equipped with systems to understand what traffic lights are saying. This will result in a huge leap forward in traffic light technology.

One wonders if drivers will heed the smart traffic lights’ signals and adjust their speed accordingly. The guess here is that they will if they are not in a hurry, which means that even if signals are warning motorists about a red traffic light, they still might not pay heed.

That will keep the local traffic ticket attorney in business, who may plead that the signals were not understandable or functioning correctly. How will that be proven or disproven in court? The battle of man vs. machine will probably continue as the wily traffic ticket lawyer takes on an entire bank of computers to justify why his client earned a speeding ticket when warned that the light would turn red in the next couple of seconds by a smart light.

If you have received a traffic ticket, please contact an experienced speeding ticket lawyers. Protect your right to drive legally

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